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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line has been the premier innovator in the cruise line industry for over 54 years. We were the first to eliminate set dining times and provide guests with the freedom to cruise on their schedule to over 450 incredible destinations around the world. Our award-winning fleet provides an unparalleled onboard experience and will continue to expand with the introduction of Norwegian Encore in 2019 and the arrival of our Leonardo Class ships starting in 2022. Guests are welcomed aboard with a wide variety of complimentary and specialty dining options, entertainment that ranges from live music and comedy to shows straight from Broadway and our wide range of accommodation that are perfect for any type of traveller. In the coming years, Norwegian’s commitment to innovation will continue to raise the bar for the cruise industry.


Sail from the UK              Family Friendly


   Full Board                     Luxury Accommodation


   Sports Deck                  Dance Classes



   Entertainment                    Pool

Imagine cruising just the way you want it: with no timetable to follow but your own. That is what Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising provides for all our ships and itineraries. Indulge your taste buds at one of our wide-ranging dining options, or perhaps you would prefer a dinner and a show combination? Relax at some of the most spacious and modern staterooms in the cruise industry before venturing out to experience the shore excursion of your choice.

What’s included?

Premium Beverages

  • Select, premium cocktails & spirits under $15
  • A variety of beer and wine by the glass under $15
  • 20% off all bottles of champagne and wine
  • Unlimited soft drinks and juices


Speciality Dining

  • 3-6 Nights: 1 Meal
  • 7-11 Nights(Balcony & above): 2 Meals
  • 7-11 Nights (All other grades): 1 Meal
  • 12+ Nights (Balcony & above): 3 Meals
  • 12+ Nights (All other grades): 2 Meals



  • $50 per tour (for 1st guest)



  • 150 Minutes*



What’s included?

Premium Plus Beverage Package

  • All top-shelf Cocktails & Spirits
  • All beer, champagne and wine by the glass
  • Select premium bottles of champagne and wine with dinner and 40% off all other bottles
  • Unlimited soft drinks and juices
  • Unlimited still & sparkling bottled water
  • All Starbucks coffee & speciality drinks
  • Energy drinks


Speciality Dining

  • 3-6 Nights: 3 Meal
  • 7-11 Nights(Balcony & above): 4 Meals
  • 7-11 Nights (All other grades): 3 Meal
  • 12+ Nights (Balcony & above): 5 Meals
  • 12+ Nights (All other grades): 4 Meals



  • Additional $50 per tour (for 2nd guest)



  • Unlimted



Norwegian Cruise Line fleet

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