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Norwegian Gem

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This sparkling cruise ship is the perfect choice for year-round cruises in style. Sail to the The Caribbean, Bermuda, or Bahamas from New York and Boston and toss your schedule to the breeze. Or stroll along postcard-perfect scenery in the Mediterranean. With tons of dining choices and no set dining times, Norwegian Gem has it all. Chill out by the pool, get lucky in the casino, unwind at the spa, and make the kids happy with spaces built with them in mind. Accommodation range from the luxurious multi-room or romantic suites to spacious and affordable staterooms.

Looking for a unique experience? Our authentic Brazilian churrascaria is a must. Start with an impressive salad bar, but save plenty of room for our slow-roasted meats carved tableside by our Passadores.

Buona Sera! Enjoy the finest ingredients at our vibrant Italian ristorante. Dine on Italian classics and indulge with a rich homemade Tiramisu. Your good evening just got better.

Sit at a lively shared table as a skillful chef perfectly prepares shrimp, steak, chicken and fried rice on a large steel grill. And you’ve got a front row seat to all the sizzles and surprises in our Japanese restaurant.

One of our two Main Restaurants serving a variety of culinary delights with a contemporary flair.

Enjoy casual dining to suit every taste. From grilled burgers to hot dogs, come as you are and eat as you like after a night out or before your day begins.

A lounge inspired by all things spherical and out of space. Bubbles, the use of lighting, colour and ultraviolet artworks will be throughout this room. The lounge is also equipped with plasma TVs.

A first-class tribute to pop country showcasing songs from the genre’s biggest superstars including Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Shania Twain, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert and many others. This dazzling full scale production show blends eye popping music video visuals, hot vocals and innovative choreography into an evening that is part rock concert and all fun. From tear-your-heart-out country ballads to barn burning up tempo hits, this show is sure to get you fired up and your boots blazing!

The Norwegian Gem Production Cast takes you on a trip through time to re-live your favourite memories and music of the 1970s. Rock-out tonight with music from acts like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Who and many more featuring music by the Norwegian Gem Showband.

Looking for a quiet place to write postcards, play cards or read a book? Drop by the Life Styles Room.

Teenagers 13-17 have their own hip space to hang out. By day, it’s the coolest clubhouse by sea. By night it turns into a dance club party. Add fashion and theatre workshops, themed events, pool parties and more. It’s all complementary, and it’s all supervised by our certified youth staff.

Spin your way to the jackpot playing the most popular slots including reel and video slots. Or pull up a chair at your favourite table game, from blackjack to craps and more. Whatever games you choose, you can bet on a good time in our award-winning casino.

You’ll find a well-stocked selection of things to read with all the elegant trimmings a good library deserves including a stellar view.

Stop by the video arcade and capture a few aliens, win a car race, play pinball and fly a jet fighter. Anything is possible.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Aft-Facing Balcony – [B1] Deck 09 Balcony
Sail Away Balcony – Guarantee – [BX] Deck 09 Balcony
Obstructed Oceanview – [OK] Deck 08 Outside
Sail Away Oceanview – Guarantee – [OX] Deck 04 Outside
Inside – [IF] Deck 04 Inside
Sail Away Inside – [IX] Deck 04 Inside
The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa – [H1] Deck 14 Suite
The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony – [H2] Deck 15 Suite
The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony – [H6] Deck 14 Suite
The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony – [HF] Deck 14 Suite
2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite with Balcony – [S4] Deck 11 Suite
Forward-Facing Deluxe Penthouse with Large Balcony – [SD] Deck 10 Suite
Aft-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony – [SM] Deck 10 Suite
Aft-Facing Penthouse with Balcony – [SN] Deck 09 Suite
Family Balcony – [B4] Deck 09 Balcony
Balcony – [BF] Deck 09 Balcony
Family Oceanview – [O4] Deck 05 Outside
Family Inside – [I4] Deck 09 Inside
Aft-Facing Club Balcony Suite – [M1] Deck 11 Suite
Club Balcony Suite – [MA] Deck 11 Suite
Sail Away Club Balcony Suite – [MX] Deck 11 Suite
Club Balcony Suite – [MB] Deck 11 Suite
Inside – [IA] Deck 10 Inside
The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Balcony – [H3] Deck 10 Suite
Forward-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony – [SF] Deck 09 Suite
Balcony – [BA] Deck 09 Balcony
The Haven Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony – [H4] Deck 09 Suite
Inside – [IB] Deck 09 Inside
Oceanview with Picture Window – [OB] Deck 05 Outside
Oceanview – [OF] Deck 04 Outside
Oceanview with Picture Window – [OA] Deck 08 Outside
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