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Norwegian Pearl

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Cruise to the breezy islands of The Caribbean. Explore the Mediterranean on your terms. Or simply sit back and sail through the world’s greatest shortcut on a Panama Canal cruise . Whatever you choose to do, we invite you to experience the wonders of getting there aboard Norwegian Pearl. Her 16 chic dining options, 15 bars and lounges, dazzling casino, tranquil spa, and spacious Garden Villas are just a few things that make this Jewel Class cruise ship a destination of her own.

One of our two Main Restaurants serving a variety of culinary delights with a contemporary flair.

Stunning in design with ocean views, this Main Restaurant offers traditional cuisine to please every palate.

Enjoy casual dining to suit every taste. From grilled burgers to hot dogs, come as you are and eat as you like after a night out or before your day begins.

Buona Sera! Enjoy the finest ingredients at our vibrant Italian ristorante. Dine on Italian classics and indulge with a rich homemade Tiramisu. Your good evening just got better.

Romance is in the air at our signature French restaurant. Elegant interiors, crisp white linens and attentive servers make this an intimate dining experience. By the end of your meal, you might just be proclaiming c’est magnifique!

A lounge inspired by all things spherical and out of space. Bubbles, the use of lighting, colour and ultraviolet artworks will be throughout this room.

Full Casino featuring a circus theme reflecting bold and brash colours of traditional travelling circuses at the turn of the century.

Get ready for a musical extravaganza featuring the best celebrity tribute artists! The iconic tribute show, Legends in Concert, is now honoured to call Norwegian Pearl home on the high seas. A staple on Las Vegas’ centre strip for the past 32 years, Legends in Concert is known as the pioneer of live tribute shows and has assembled the greatest collection of live tribute artists and celebrity look-alikes in the industry.

Enjoy a fantastic evening of song and dance as the Norwegian Production Cast brings a night of entertainment; showcasing the many talents and styles from our production cast. Featuring the Norwegian Show Band.

This is a cool place where teens can have fun, too. Designed to look and feel like the New York Subway, there’s even graffiti on the walls.

The Thermal Suite offers a unique experience benefiting the mind and body. Feel the weightlessness and total relaxation created by the kneading effect of water in the Thalasso Therapy Pool, or soak in the hot tub with friends for some improved circulation with conversation. Head off to the steam room to soothe joints and alleviate pains. If detox is what you crave, sit down at the sauna to sweat out your cares as your heart and sweat glands work together to purify your body. Then relax and bring your body to temperature with a nap on heated mosaic lounge chairs.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Balcony Deck 09 Balcony
Aft-Facing Balcony Deck 08 Balcony
Sail Away Balcony Deck 08 Balcony
Oceanview Picture Window Deck 08 Outside
Oceanview with Picture Window Deck 05 Outside
Oceanview Deck 04 Outside
Obstructed Oceanview Deck 08 Outside
Sail Away Oceanview Deck 08 Outside
Inside Deck 10 Inside
Inside Deck 08 Inside
Inside Deck 04 Inside
Sail Away Inside Deck 04 Inside
Penthouse with Large Balcony Deck 09 Suite
The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa Deck 14 Suite
The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony Deck 15 Suite
The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Balcony Deck 10 Suite
The Haven Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony Deck 09 Suite
The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony Deck 14 Suite
The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony Deck 14 Suite
2-Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite with Balcony Deck 11 Suite
Forward-Facing Deluxe Penthouse with Large Balcony Deck 10 Suite
Aft-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony Deck 10 Suite
Aft-Facing Penthouse with Balcony Deck 08 Suite
Family Balcony Deck 08 Balcony
Balcony Deck 08 Balcony
Family Oceanview Deck 05 Outside
Family Inside Deck 08 Inside
Aft-Facing Club Balcony Suite Deck 11 Suite
Club Balcony Suite Deck 11 Suite
Club Balcony Suite Deck 11 Suite
Sail Away Club Balcony Suite Deck 11 Suite
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