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MSC Sinfonia

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MSC Sinfonia pays homage to the symphonies of the great composers in a thoroughly modern reinterpretation of the classic cruise experience.

Stylish designer interiors combine clean lines and every modern comfort with the warmth of traditional natural wood, brass and marble, bringing each stunning venue on this ship its own unique feel.

Children of all ages will love the spray park packed with fun water features and the other delightful new play areas. From the Pinocchio Playroom to the Teens Area, they were created in partnership with household names like Chicco, LEGO® and Namco®.

The sports and leisure options span all tastes and ages, from a high-tech golf simulator and video games to a lavish pool complex, not forgetting the fully-equipped gym and MSC Aurea Spa with its modern beauty treatments and exotic Balinese massages.

From the lavish San Remo Casino and the panoramic Pasha Club Disco to the chic lines of the Teatro San Carlo or the brand new 319 square-metre space for music and dancing, MSC Sinfonia boasts a wealth of elegant entertainment areas.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Inside Bella – [I1] Deck 7 – Brahms Inside
Inside Fantastica – [I2] Deck 7 – Brahms Inside
Outside Bella – [O1] Deck 7 – Brahms Outside
Outside Fantastica – [O2] Deck 7 – Brahms Outside
Suite Fantastica – [S2] Deck 10 – Sibelius Suite
Suite Aurea – [S3] Deck 10 – Sibelius Suite
Balcony Fantastica – [B2] Deck 10 – Sibelius Balcony
BINGO Inside – [SBG] Suite
BINGO Inside – [BIN] Inside
BINGO Outside – [BOU] Outside
BINGO Balcony – [BBL] Balcony
Balcony Exp. Aurea – [B3] Deck 9 – Tchaikovsky Balcony
Outside Exp. Aurea – [O3] Deck 9 – Tchaikovsky Outside
Superbingo Family – [323] Suite
Acc. With Cab.Change During Cruise – [SPL] Cabin
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