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MSC Seaview

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The cruise experience on MSC Seaview is all about connecting you with the world outside, from the sea to the sky. Whether you’re sunbathing by one of the pools, strolling around the seafront promenade, dining under the stars or enjoying a relaxing massage in the lavishly appointed MSC Aurea Spa, you’re always surround by superb views.

Connected directly to the top deck by two panoramic lifts, the Sunset Beach Pool offers plenty of space in the sun, as well as breathtaking views out over the back of the ship and across the water.

The unique Panorama Pool is the perfect place to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the panoramic sea views. Around the pool you’ll find a set of innovative sun loungers, designed to give you the chance to stay closer to the water than ever before.

The Waterfront Boardwalk on deck 8 circumnavigates the ship, offering access to a wide variety of restaurants, bars and places to relax. From the glass skywalk on deck 16, on the other hand, guests can enjoy a jaw-dropping view of the sea from above.

Extending over four decks, the multi-level glass-walled atrium represents an innovative and atmospheric entertainment venue for live music and other events. The two glass-floored catwalks beyond its glass walls offer guests spectacular ocean views.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Balcony Bella – [B1] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Balcony
Balcony Fantastica – [B2] Deck 10 – Adriatic Balcony
Balcony Aurea – [B3] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Balcony
Inside Bella – [I1] Deck 5 – Mediterranean Inside
Inside Fantastica – [I2] Deck 10 – Adriatic Inside
Outside Bella – [O1] Deck 5 – Mediterranean Outside
Outside Fantastica – [O2] Deck 5 – Mediterranean Outside
Suite Fantastica – [S2] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Suite
Suite Aurea – [S3] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Suite
Grand Suite Aurea – [SE3] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Suite
Suite with Whirlpool – [SJ3] Deck 9 – Tyrrhenian Suite
Yacht Club Deluxe Suite – [YC1] Deck 16 – Red Sea Suite
Yacht Club Royal Suite – [YC3] Deck 16 – Red Sea Suite
Yacht Club Interior Suite – [YIN] Deck 16 – Red Sea Suite
Bingo Balcony – [BBL] Balcony
Bingo Inside – [BIN] Inside
Bingo Outside – [BOU] Outside
Family 2 Connecting Balcony Cabins – [FLA] Balcony
Inside Exp. Aurea – [I3] Deck 10 – Adriatic Inside
Superbingo – [SBG] Suite
Two-Bedroom Grand Suite Exp. Aurea – [SD3] Deck 11 – Black Sea Suite
Acc. With Cab.Change During Cruise – [SPL] Cabin
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