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MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa









The classic design of beautifully crafted MSC Preziosa includes spectacular features such as a real stone piazza, sweeping Swarovski crystal staircases and a magical ‘infinity’ pool. There’s all this and more to discover at your own pace on board, enjoying every moment to the full as you voyage to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

From the splash-filled fun and games of the Doremi Castle kids’ aqua park and the high-speed thrill of Vertigo, one of the longest water slides on the seas, to the teens only disco and video arcade, there’s a world of enjoyment for children of all ages.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Deluxe Suite – [YC1] Deck 15 – Cristallo Suite
Executive & Family Suite – [YC2] Deck 12 – Opale Suite
Royal Suite – [YC3] Deck 16 – Acquamarina Suite
Inside Bella – [I1] Deck 8 – Onice Inside
Inside Fantastica – [I2] Deck 8 – Onice Inside
Outside Fantastica – [O2] Deck 8 – Onice Outside
Outside Bella – [O1] Deck 8 – Onice Outside
Balcony Bella – [B1] Deck 8 – Onice Balcony
Balcony Fantastica – [B2] Deck 8 – Onice Balcony
Balcony Aurea – [B3] Deck 10 – Tormalina Balcony
Suite Aurea – [S3] Deck 9 – Agata Suite
Super BINGO – [SBG] Suite
BINGO Balcony – [BBL] Balcony
BINGO Outside – [BOU] Outside
BINGO Inside – [BIN] Inside
Suite Aurea – [SP3] Deck 9 – Agata Suite
Superbingo Family – [323] Suite
Family 2 Connecting Balcony Cabins – [FLA] Balcony
Suite Fantastica Panoramic Window – [SP2] Deck 9 – Agata Suite
Yacht Club Deluxe Grand Suite – [YCP] Deck 15 – Cristallo Suite
Acc. With Cab.Change During Cruise – [SPL] Cabin
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