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Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda









Costa Smeralda is the ship that is the symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality. Its spaces were expertly created drawing inspiration from the squares of our beautiful country. What’s new on our latest Flagship: The Colosseum, the heart of the Costa Smeralda, spanning three decks at the centre of the ship, dedicated to the finest in entertainment. The Piazza di Spagna: a grand open air staircase overlooking the stern. The “Volare” walkway that reaches the highest point on the ship at 65 metres and Trastevere: a square in the centre of the ship that combines bars, shops and entertainment in one place. Now take a look at the current position of Costa Smeralda.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Classic Inside DECK 05 TAORMINA Inside
Premium Inside DECK 17 BELLAGIO Inside
Classic Outside Ocean view DECK 04 PALERMO Outside
Premium Outside Ocean view DECK 04 PALERMO Outside
Classic Ocean Balcony DECK 05 TAORMINA Balcony
Premium Ocean Balcony DECK 17 BELLAGIO Balcony
Suite with Ocean View Balcony DECK 11 FIRENZE Suite
Grand Suite with Ocean View Balcony DECK 17 BELLAGIO Suite
Classic Terrace DECK 08 CAPRI Outside
Premium Terrace DECK 09 NAPOLI Outside
Inside Inside
Outside Outside
Balcony Balcony
Terrace Outside
Balcony Balcony
Outside Outside
Outside Single Outside
Inside Inside
Single Inside Inside
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