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It’s a long way from Venice to NYC, but Carnival Venezia thinks the two could be next-door neighbors. This ship sails from its Big Apple homeport, year-round, starting in spring 2023!

And what can NYC find in this ship? Well, there’s more than a little Italy in this one — that’s why we’re calling this new type of cruising Fun Italian Style™. It starts with onboard flavor and flair in spots like Piazza San Marco (the grand, elegant atrium), the three-course Marco Polo Restaurant complete with Italian sculptures and authentic dishes featured nightly, Teatro Rosso and its marbled columns, red velvety seats and fun Playlist Productions™ up on stage. Terrazza staterooms are a whole new way to stay in style and comfort, all in a great location close to exclusive amenities. Plus we’ll be announcing more exciting new stuff in the future!

There’s also a lot of the classic Carnival fun that repeat cruisers ( hey there!) know and love. Cruise food done deliciously comes from spots like Bonsai Sushi™, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse™, Lido Marketplace, and Bonsai Teppanyaki™. Places to gather and celebrate life, vacation or whatever include Piano Bar 88, Serenity Bar and Heroes Tribute™ Bar. Or celebrate relaxation at Cloud 9 Spa™ and Serenity Adult-Only Retreat™. For the kids, there’s spaces made just for their age like Camp Ocean™, Circle “C”® and Club O2®. And outdoors, get ready for a very splashy WaterWorks™, SportSquare™ featuring a ropes course, jogging track, mini golf and outdoor fitness center.

So as we were saying… hey, we’re cruising here! Carnival Venezia and all this Fun Italian Style sets sail from NYC next spring. Andiamo!

Wanna splish — and splash — the day away? Head on over to WaterWorks™, Carnival’s onboard waterpark. First up, there’s the Twister Waterslide™, hundreds of feet of spiraling awesomeness that starts you off high in the air and gets you down low with one of the fastest, wettest rides you’ll find anywhere. Select ships have side-by-side racing slides, which make serious competition seriously fun. Wear your speed suit for Speedway Splash, which features hundreds of feet of racing action, plus special lighting effects you’ll experience on the road to victory. DrainPipe™ ends with one major swirl of a finish, while PowerDrencher™ takes soaking seriously — imagine the biggest bucket of water you’ve ever seen, raining down on you from above. And this isn’t just kids’ stuff — the young at heart are encouraged to zoom and splash around too! (WaterWorks configurations vary by ship.)

To Italian palates, amari are drinks that have a clear purpose. Well yes — for fun and enjoyment, for sure — but these iconic herbal liquors and bitters actually have an important place in Italy’s unique relationship to flavor and food. Aperitivi drinks play the role of a before-dinner palate primer, while digestivi are typically sipped after you’ve eaten. So come on over and you’ll find a menu of both types at Amari™, where they’re there for straight-up sipping the traditional way — best experienced by ordering the Amari Sampler — but they also add an Italian sparkle to mixological creations like the Negroni Sbagliato, Bitter Giuseppe, Pineapple Rum Negroni and Pistachio Martini, plus fan-favorites from Alchemy Bar. Alla nostra!

Somebody at Carnival knows just what you need, and it’s pretty much exactly the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat™. Look, you’ll still be on the same ship as the kids, the hoopla, and all the Carnival-style excitement… but you could easily forget, because when you’re at Serenity you could not be further from it all. The world you’ll find yourself in is one of complete peace, sea breezes and, of course, a nearby bar. It’s the place to get done the kind of stuff you just can’t seem to do anywhere else — reconnect with your partner, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.

Everyone has those perfect songs that never fail to get them moving. Playlist Productions™ brings lists like yours to life! Your favorites become full-blown musical productions featuring singers and dancers bringing down the house. Shows vary by ship, but there’s a playlist for every music lover. Need a few examples? How about the spicy sounds of Amor Cubano™, the movie-magic soundtrack of FLICK™, or Vintage Pop™ with its 20s-jazz-meets-modern-hits? Release your inner rock-n-roll patriot during America Rocks™! Enter the center of groove with the passionate Heart of Soul™. Feel the arena-shaking sounds of Epic Rock™, the piano-pounding sounds of 88 Keys™, the totally bad-meaning-good 80s Pop to the Max™, plus the funky, sophisticated… and not-at-all exclusive Studio VIP™, where everyone’s welcome to come and get down!

The art you’ll find up on the walls at Rococó™️… let’s just say it was inspired by the classics. One part timeless mainstays, plus a dash of what’s new! The same goes for the cocktails too — sipping standards with fresh twists — and everything on the menu looks as great as it tastes, for example: Sicilian Iced Tea, Mango Margarita and Rum Jumper. (Okay, credit where it’s due: we’re getting a little help from some friends… Carnival’s own RedFrog® and BlueIguana™!) But the spotlight here is on the frozen drinks, so don’t miss those: go for stone-cold basics like the Piña Colada or Red’s Strawberry Daiquiri, enjoy some cool Italian flavors in the Limoncello Kiss or Bellini Sparkle… or layer on the flavor with mixes like the Miami Vice or Italian Flag. Freddo!

Sometimes you just need to get away… from all that vacation. We know — sitting at home, it’s hard to imagine that, but trust us — it’s really, really nice to have a place to unwind from the day’s excitement. Escape to a world designed, from the ground up, for relaxation. Cloud 9 Spa™ staff are masters (or, maybe more like artists) trained in the craft of simply helping you chill. What’s their secret? Massages, facials, body wraps, thermal suites and more — plus, on certain ships, the amazing Hydrotherapy Pool — these are the tools of the trade. And the trade is ultimate relaxation.

The little ones can enjoy the best parts of summer camp, year-round aboard their Carnival cruise. At Camp Ocean kids will have a blast in supervised, age-based groups and give each a cool marine-life label: Penguins (2 to 5 years), Stingrays (6 to 8 years) and Sharks (9 to 11 years). Together with their group they’ll enjoy tons of fun-filled, age-appropriate activities like arts and crafts, songs, games, toys, dancing, movies and video games. When it’s mealtime, kids eat together and get their own menus with back-on-land faves like mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and more. The whole time, our experienced counselors will be there to make sure everyone in these small groups has an amazing time. Plus, when the sun goes down it’s Night Owls time — fees apply, but kids get to stay up late having fun while their parents also enjoy themselves well into the night.

There’s no limit to the refreshing fun on a Carnival cruise: go for a swim, hit the spa, maybe eat some soft serve. But our Fun Italian Style™ ships have a cool new choice: Frizzante™! This bar specializes in bubbles and all the fun those bring. That’s right, sparkling Italian wines are at the core of the cocktail creations we’re serving up, with an amazing spritz selection including the complex Campari, traditional Aperol or spicy Ginger… while wine tasting flights let you sip with a purpose: discovering new favorites among the fruits of Italy’s vineyards! Imported Italian beers and liquor cocktails are on the menu too, with fan-favorites like the Negroni, Americano and even a selection of martinis made with freshly-pulled shots of espresso. And with that espresso machine right over there, Frizzante is a great spot to stop in any time you’re ready to sip something hot, fresh and authentic… with a biscotti side.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time at the table, we have a game for you: roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and more! We’ve even got fun variations on these, like PokerPro tables and Carnival’s own Fun 21™ to keep the games fresh. Whether you take your stakes high or low, your table’s ready. We’ve got your favorites, but if you’re ready to sit down and try something new, our friendly casino staff will be glad to show you the ropes.

Don’t forget to bring your Sail & Sign® Card when playing your favorite table games. You’ll get rated for your play AND earn points towards Drinks On Us!, Carnival’s free drinks program.

Your Carnival cruise may take you far, far away from the competitive daily rat-race, but you’ll find an oasis of friendly competition at SportSquare™. Take on friends at mini-golf, battle strangers at basketball, or push yourself to new heights at our Ropes Course… or to record-setting low times at the jogging track. SportSquare gets you in the game with soccer and volleyball (the b-ball court converts!), brings pool, foosball and ping-pong to the table, and rounds things out for shaping up with your choice of stationary bikes, elliptical machines, weight-lifting equipment and punching bags. Are you game? (SportSquare offerings vary by ship.)


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Interior Upper/Lower – [1A] Deck 6 Inside
Interior – [4A] Deck 1 Inside
Interior – [4B] Deck 2 Inside
Interior – [4C] Deck 2 Inside
Interior – [4D] Deck 6 Inside
Interior – [4E] Deck 7 Inside
Interior – [4F] Deck 8 Inside
Interior – [4G] Deck 9 Inside
Interior – [4H] Deck 11 Inside
Interior – [4I] Deck 12 Inside
Interior with Picture Window – [4J] Deck 14 Inside
Ocean View – [6A] Deck 2 Outside
Ocean View – [6B] Deck 3 Outside
Deluxe Ocean View – [6M] Deck 3 Outside
Deluxe Ocean View – [6L] Deck 1 Outside
Cove Balcony – [7C] Deck 2 Balcony
Balcony – [8A] Deck 11 Balcony
Balcony – [8B] Deck 7 Balcony
Balcony – [8C] Deck 8 Balcony
Balcony – [8D] Deck 9 Balcony
Balcony – [8E] Deck 11 Balcony
Balcony – [8F] Deck 10 Balcony
Balcony – [8G] Deck 12 Balcony
Balcony – [8H] Deck 14 Balcony
Aft-View Extended Balcony – [8M] Balcony
Premium Balcony – [9B] Deck 7 Balcony
Ocean Suite – [OS] Deck 14 Suite
Interior – [TA] Deck 5 Inside
Terrazza Cabana – [TE] Deck 7 Outside
Terrazza Aft-View Extended Balcony – [TI] Deck 9 Balcony
Terrazza Premium Balcony – [TL] Deck 6 Balcony
Terrazza Premium Vista Balcony – [TM] Deck 9 Balcony
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