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Mardi Gras

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Aboard Mardi Gras® you’ll meet BOLT®: the fastest — and first! — rollercoaster at sea. Strap in and zoom your motorcycle-style speed machine around an open-air course high, high above sea level. You know how on most rollercoasters… actually, never mind. Forget other coasters because this all-electric thrill ride puts you in the driver’s seat. That means you actually get to control how fast you go, so hit the gas and try for the fastest time, go for the biggest thrill — plus some amazing 360° ocean views! And for the folks who choose to chill: go light on the pedal, and this just might be the coaster for you!

Think about the fruity Hurricane cocktail or the stately Sazerac — for ages now, these hometown heroes have been ambassadors for New Orleans ‘credo of fun, flavor and just plain good times. So of course we’ll be serving up classics like these at The Brass Magnolia! You’ll also find a swingin’ jazz trio keeping things nice and hot … and it takes only one look at the décor to feel as if you just stepped into an elegant Southern estate. So come on down and let a white-coated bartender know what your pleasure is. Among the menu of Crescent City mainstays, we suggest starting off with a true connoisseur’s local favorite … the Brandy Crusta.

If you’ve strolled along New Orleans’ French Quarter in the evening, you’re not alone in feeling that mysteries and surprises lie around every corner. A French Quarter-styled zone on a new ship wouldn’t be complete without an unassuming little bar that feels like it’s always been there. On Mardi Gras®, that’s Fortune Teller! Spirits truly abound here, and our unnaturally talented bartenders will be pleased to conjure up recipes like the all-black New Moon, the changes-color-before-your-eyes Abracadabra and the Golden Galaxy … actually made with a bit of real gold. Call us supernatural, but we’re sensing vacation fun in your future.

The show has been delighting viewers at home for generations, but you never had the chance to buzz-in on a cruise ship… until now! Carnival ships are the only place you’ll find Family Feud™ Live, and on every sailing we’ll be hosting games on an authentic Family Feud™ set — right down to the iconic Face-Off podium, plus all the excitement of Fast Money. Family Feud Live will be emceed by none other than your cruise director, so if you’re game, sign up your team of five for an audition… and make sure they bring that Family Feud spirit. And, of course, everybody’s welcome to grab a seat in the audience to catch all the hilarious action!

Let’s recap what we know about the mysterious RedFrog so far. He’s cute, he knows how to chill… and flavor is everything to the little guy. We only just found out about the years he spent soaking up the sun among the grass skirts and frangipani flowers of the South Pacific where, he would tell you, it’s easy being red. You’ll find some of his favorite recipes from those days on menu at the first-ever RedFrog® Tiki Bar — sip a Polynesian Punch, try a Jungle Bird, or get a little tongue-twisted ordering a Red’s Rum Jumper. This poolside bar on Mardi Gras® spans two decks and transports you right to the land of Tiki.

For those who flock to waterparks just ready to make a splash, we’d suggest sliding on over to WaterWorks™ aboard Mardi Gras®. Three large-scale spiraling slides, a giant dumping bucket, twin racing slides and more — you know, the works — are all practically overflowing for your hydro-delight. When you spot the big slides on board you’ll see that they mean business, splashy business: Blue Lightning™ is packed with headfirst, high-speed twists and turns, while Orange Thunder™ starts you off standing before propelling you down into a world of wetness… and of course, our signature Twister™ slide keeps on thrilling splash-seekers.

On Mardi Gras® you’ll find the Havana Bar ™ & Pool. Good find — the relaxation pool is an exclusive retreat to paradise, and the bar becomes a hot dance spot when the sun goes down. Grab a seat at the bar and order up a handcrafted Cuban cocktail like a traditional daiquiri or classic mojito. This bar is just steps from the pool, whose ocean view and atmosphere mingles with the bar’s own, for a bit of that old-time Cuban resort flavor.

Somebody at Carnival knows just what you need, and it’s pretty much exactly the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat™. Look, you’ll still be on the same ship as the kids, the hoopla, and all the Carnival-style excitement… but you could easily forget, because when you’re at Serenity you could not be further from it all. The world you’ll find yourself in is one of complete peace, sea breezes and, of course, a nearby bar. It’s the place to get done the kind of stuff you just can’t seem to do anywhere else — reconnect with your partner, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.

True or false: cruises are a time for relaxation. Our answer: whether you’re all action all the time, or chill to the core, everybody needs a chance to take it easy! And nobody will find an easier spot than Cloud 9 Spa™ aboard Mardi Gras®. This is an oasis built from the ground up for relaxation, from a full complement of traditional spa services like massages, facials, body wraps to the carefully-designed climates of Cloud 9’s thermal suites… rooms swirling with moist or dry air, each heated very precisely. It turns out it’s true: anyone can find a reason to say ‘ahhh’ at Mardi Gras’s Cloud 9 Spa.

When was the last time you got up and grooved… at the theater? Playlist Productions™ takes songs you know and presents them like you’ve never known them before. Past favorites become full-blown musical productions featuring multi-talented performers absolutely bringing down the house with song, dance… and superstar attitude. With tunes from fan-favorite divas, crooners or rockers, each show has a different theme — and of course, a completely different playlist! Get ready for heartfelt emotions, straight-up bouncy fun, or something in-between — all types are welcome to get down here.


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Interior ATLANTIC Inside
Interior PROMENADE Inside
Interior LIDO Inside
Interior DECK-10 Inside
Interior DECK-10 Inside
Interior DECK-11 Inside
Interior DECK-14 Inside
Interior DECK-14 Inside
Interior DECK-16 Inside
Premium Interior DECK-10 Inside
Premium Interior DECK-11 Inside
Ocean View ATLANTIC Outside
Ocean View PROMENADE Outside
Junior Cove Balcony DECK-10 Balcony
Junior Cove Balcony DECK-16 Balcony
Cove Balcony PROMENADE Balcony
Balcony LIDO Balcony
Balcony LIDO Balcony
Balcony DECK-10 Balcony
Balcony DECK-11 Balcony
Balcony DECK-14 Balcony
Balcony DECK-14 Balcony
Balcony DECK-16 Balcony
Extended Balcony DECK-10 Balcony
Extended Balcony DECK-14 Balcony
Forward-View Extended Balcony DECK-10 Balcony
Aft-View Extended Balcony DECK-10 Balcony
Aft-View Extended Balcony DECK-14 Balcony
Ocean Suite DECK-10 Suite
Ocean Suite DECK-16 Suite
Carnival Excel Suite DECK-10 Suite
Carnival Excel Aft Suite DECK-10 Suite
Cloud 9 Spa Interior PROMENADE Inside
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View (Obstructed View) PROMENADE Outside
Cloud 9 Spa Clove Balcony PROMENADE Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony DECK-17 Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Forward-View Extended Balcony DECK-17 Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Suite DECK-17 Suite
Carnival Excel Presidential Suite DECK-17 Suite
Family Harbor Interior ATLANTIC Inside
Family Harbor Ocean View ATLANTIC Outside
Havana Interior VERANDAH Inside
Havana Cabana Suite VERANDAH Suite
Havana Vista Suite VERANDAH Suite
Havana Forward-View Extended Balcony VERANDAH Balcony
Havana Cabana VERANDAH Balcony
Guaranteed Ocean View Outside
Guaranteed Balcony Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Interior PROMENADE Inside
Carnival Excel Corner Suite DECK-15 Suite
Family Harbor Ocean View Suite Suite
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean View (Obstructed View) Outside
Ocean View Outside
Ocean View Outside
Ocean View Outside
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