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Ultimate Guide To Visas

ultimate guide to visas

Booking a cruise is an exciting thing, and all you want to do is hop onboard and have some fun. But first, you’ll have to deal with the important (but kinda boring) stuff. Visas are included in the list of things you must ensure you have before going on holiday – that’s if you need one. Here’s our ultimate guide to visas so you can learn everything you need to know before setting sail.

If you’re a UK passport holder and cruising around the EU, it is highly unlikely that you will need a visa. However, certain destinations do require you to apply for one – your agent here at Vision Cruise should mention this during booking.

How to apply

Applying for your visa should be done in advance, as it can take some time for it to be accepted. We do have our own preferred visa agent and link to their site which you can find here.

Through this agent you will need to buy one visa depending on where you’re visiting. For example if you’re visiting both the Asia and Australia, you will have to buy a Visa specifically for these locations.

Visa application

When applying, it is essential to know how long you will be travelling for. You will also need to know your ships ports of call and where you plan on going on shore excursions.

Your name, address, travel history, passport information and purpose of visit should all be known and included on your visa application. Biometric information is also required for security reasons – this includes anything relating to your physical appearance and health.

Costing of a visa

The cost of a visa depends entirely on your destination. A UK visa is around £80 for a stay of up to six months and prices around this are common for other countries. Some visas can be bought to cover your whole family, but it’s best to check with us if this is popular first.

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