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Do I Need Travel Insurance For A Cruise?

travel insurance

No matter where you’re travelling it’s always a good idea to keep yourself covered. The staff here at Vision Cruise want you to have the most relaxing and care-free holiday as possible – so it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance before you go to save you stress – and money – whilst onboard.

What does travel insurance involve?

Travel insurance can be bought for a single trip, or for a year – if you’re a avid traveler. The cover usually includes medical bills, losses and theft, unavoidable loss of valuables and cruise cancellations.

Some cruise lines do offer their own onboard cover and these are always worth considering when searching for insurance.

Health Cover

If you injure yourself onboard, the treatment can get pretty pricey – even the smallest of injuries. Travel insurance will usually cover your fees, however you will need to check this with your insurance provider.

If you’re evacuated from the ship due to a severe injury, you may also be able to claim the charges on your insurance, providing you have proof of injury.

Loss and Theft

Most insurance companies will cover you if you lose a valuable eg. smartphone, camera or jewellery. Most thefts will also be covered for the value of the item stolen.

Cruise Cancellation

Unfortunately cruises are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you do not receive a refund from the cruise line, you can usually claim the money back on your insurance. However, if you choose to cancel your trip then you are unable to claim the money back.

Shore Excursions

Travel insurance will also cover you off the ship, as well as on it. This is especially useful during adventure excursions in which injury is possible. You are also more likely to experience theft when on shore and your insurance will cover this.

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