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Even on the most fantastic holidays, sickness can occur. Unfortunately it is more likely to occur onboard a cruise ship as many people tend to suffer from sea sickness. To ensure you get through your cruise plain sailing, we’ve put together a small guide to let you know what to do if you get seasick onboard.

Honestly, seasickness is one of those things which is used to scare off first-time cruisers. With the promise of spending your holiday in your cabin bathroom, most people decide it’s not for them. Now lets clear this up, although it is more common onboard ships, doesn’t mean every single passenger onboard will spend their cruise feeling queasy.

Usually, unless the water is rough or choppy, you can’t even feel the ship moving let alone feel seasick. Most passengers forget entirely that they’re onboard a ship, because they’re so big it can be exactly as it is on land.

Certain people are more sensitive to motion sickness than others, and might feel slightly unwell on certain days onboard. If you do start to feel a little queasy then you can take some precautionary steps to ensure you have the best holiday you can.

If you are aware that you suffer from seasickness or motion sickness, our advice is to book an appointment with your GP and see what they can provide for your holiday.

Using a scopolamine patch whilst onboard is one of the most effective methods of battling seasickness. It helps to ease motion sickness, relieving you of symptoms. It’s recommended to apply the patch a few hours before you embark the ship so your body gets used to it.

There are also over-the-counter methods available which help with motion and sea sickness. These are also usually available onboard most ships. However, consider that they may cause drowsiness.

Consulting the ships doctor is your best bet if experiencing seasickness for the first time.

Drug-free remedies are also available and can be a great solution to motion sickness. There is a sea-band wristband available and widely recommended as an alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medicines. It works by pressing an acupressure point on the wrist to reduce to feeling on nausea without any side effects.

Ginger is also recommended as a homeopathic solution to battling seasickness. It can be taken in many forms as a way to relieve your symptoms.

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