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Common Courtesy Onboard A Cruise Ship

common courtesy onboard

Even though it’s your holiday and the staff and crew are there to give you the best holiday possible, there are some common courtesy’s you should keep in mind whilst on-board to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Just keep in mind what might be acceptable for you may bother others. So here’s a quick guide to the dos and don’ts, common courtesy onboard your cruise.

Cabin doors

Passengers should ensure they’re extra courteous in the early hours when leaving or returning to the cabin – whether it’s for an early morning jog or after a late night party.

Volume levels

Passengers should also be aware of others around them and keep the volume at a normal level in order to not disturb other passengers. Moving from the corridor or cabin to a public space is a great compromise, so both you and other passengers can feel comfortable with the volume levels.

The use of headphones in public areas is recommended when listening to music so disturbance is kept to a minimum. Many ships will have some type of entertainment happening which will also be making a lot of noise so it’s best not to add to the volume.

Saving seats

Because of the many activities on-board a cruise, many passengers don’t plan to chill by the pool all day. If you’re planning on exploring the ship, it’s best to not reserve a sun-lounger because these can be used by other passengers who plan to have a relaxing day by the pool.

Dressing for dinner

Even though you’ve probably been working on your tan all day, other passengers won’t appreciate seeing you in your beachwear at the dinner table. As a general rule, covering up for dinner is a good idea. Make sure to check if there are any formal nights or strict dress codes apply on your specific cruise.