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Carnival Dream

Carnival Dream









It’s one thing to be fun, but it’s another thing to be first. Carnival Dream was at the forefront of a recent wave of amazingly innovative and fun Carnival ships. As the genesis of the Dream class, Carnival Dream set the direction for the ships that followed in her footsteps — first Carnival Magic and then Carnival Breeze.

But back to Carnival Dream: the ship itself is a unique experience with the way-fun RedFrog Rum Bar and the very cool BlueIguana Tequila Bar. Get your appetite ready, because you’re gonna need it. Carnival Dream features two dual-level dining rooms, a gourmet steakhouse and dedicated sushi spot Bonsai Sushi. It’s also got a full menu of our latest and greatest casual spots for a bite: BlueIguana Cantina, Pizzeria del Capitano, Guy’s Burger Joint and Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse. (That’s Guy as in Guy Fieri, by the way — so you know the food’s delish.)

Carnival Dream also features the borderline-magical Alchemy Bar and Ocean Plaza, which combines tasty treats with perhaps even tastier entertainment. Entertainment options are all up and down the ship, and so is soaking-wet fun, from the heart-racing waterslide action at WaterWorks to the soul-soothing Thalassotherapy pool at the Cloud 9 Spa.

Despite its name, Carnival Dream is definitely a reality. Can’t believe it? Pinch yourself… and book your dream cruise today.

Built for some serious splashing!

Serenity’s the faraway place.. that’s actually quite close to it all

No magic spells are required to enjoy a cocktail creation at Alchemy Bar®, our unique vintage-themed cocktail “pharmacy” — all you need is a willingness to be surprised, to try something new. We’ve flipped through dusty old texts to uncover enticing combinations: select spirits, fresh juices, infused syrups, spices… and other tantalizing secrets performed before your very eyes by the true mix-masters: our bartenders. Choose a remedy from the menu, or let us prescribe you a custom elixir just for you, with or without alcohol.

At Camp Ocean, 2- 11 year olds stay busy, keep active and have fun as they enjoy all new ocean-themed activates in supervised, age-based groups

A cruise is the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet, and Cherry On Top™ happens to be the perfect place. You’ll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store not only great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites, but the place to pick up food and apparel gifts for that special someone, even if — admit it — that someone happens to be you!

BlueIguana Tequila Bar™ is the onboard spot to chill and enjoy a slushy tequila drink or an ice-cold Mexican cerveza. The menu offers up Mexican favorites, including several brands of tequila and a slew of Mexican brews. There’s a lineup of frozen concoctions, cocktails and margaritas served by the glass or by the pitcher, and even a special Mexican beer cocktail (yes, really). Where can you find this little slice of Mexican paradise? Next to the pool, of course. So stay cool and take in the bar’s vacation vibe while you kick back on your cruise – that’s what official bar mascot Blue the Iguana would tell you.

Hope you packed your funny bone – our onboard comedy performances are designed to tickle ’em just right


Cabin Name / Grade Deck Position
Interior Stateroom – [4B] MAIN Inside
Interior Stateroom – [4C] MAIN Inside
Interior Stateroom – [4D] UPPER Inside
Interior Stateroom – [4E] EMPRESS Inside
Interior Stateroom – [4F] EMPRESS Inside
Interior Stateroom – [4G] VISTA Inside
Cloud 9 Spa Interior – [4S] PANORAMA Inside
Ocean View Stateroom – [6A] MAIN Outside
Balcony Stateroom – [8A] UPPER Balcony
Balcony Stateroom – [8B] EMPRESS Balcony
Interior Stateroom – [4A] DECK01-RIVIERA Inside
Balcony Stateroom – [8C] EMPRESS Balcony
Balcony Stateroom – [8D] VISTA Balcony
Balcony Stateroom – [8E] LIDO Balcony
Porthole – [PT] MAIN Outside
Interior Stateroom – [4H] LIDO Inside
Interior with Picture Window (Obstructed Views) – [4J] EMPRESS Inside
Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom – [6L] DECK01-RIVIERA Outside
Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom – [6M] MAIN Outside
Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom – [6N] DECK01-RIVIERA Outside
Cove Balcony – [7C] MAIN Balcony
Ocean View (Obstructed Views) – [6S] PANORAMA Outside
Balcony Stateroom – [8F] LIDO Balcony
Balcony Stateroom – [8G] PANORAMA Balcony
Aft – View Extended Balcony – [8M] EMPRESS Balcony
Aft – View Extended Balcony – [8N] EMPRESS Balcony
Premium Vista Balcony – [9C] EMPRESS Balcony
Junior Suite – [JS] VISTA Suite
Ocean Suite – [OS] EMPRESS Suite
Grand Suite – [GS] EMPRESS Suite
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony – [8P] PANORAMA Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Balcony – [8S] SPA Balcony
Cloud 9 Spa Suite – [SS] PANORAMA Suite
Guaranteed Inside Cabin – [IS] Inside
Guaranteed Balcony – [BL] Balcony
Guaranteed Ocean View – [OV] Outside
Suite – Guaranteed – [ST] Suite
Interior Upper/Lower – [1A] PANORAMA Inside
Extended Balcony – [8J] Balcony
Deluxe Suite – [DS] Suite
Forward-View Extended Balcony – [8L] Balcony
Carnival Excel Corner Suite – [KS] Suite
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