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RV African Dream

  • RV African Dream

CroisiEurope offers you an up-close and personal experience with nature at the ends of the world on board our new “5-anchor” rated ship as we sail along the Chobe National Park and the most beautiful bends of the region for fantastic views of the surrounding wonderland.


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There are only 8 cabins onboard The African Dream – 6 suites and 2 suites with a balcony, all opened onto the outside. All have twin beds. 

Sun Deck
Sun Deck
Upper Deck
Upper Deck
Main Deck
Main Deck

Onboard is a panoramic lounge and restaurant providing an ideal view of the surrounding landscapes in addition to top-notch gastronomy.

CroisiEurope ensures that there are a number of activities and events onboard that guests can take part in. These include pre-dinner games and dinner dances along with a number of events in the ship’s lounge. 

Sun Deck

An open sun deck with deck chairs that is perfect for taking in the sights and sounds of the mighty Chobe no matter what the weather condition.

    Panoramic Lounge Bar

    Panoramic lounge bar restaurant and a large observation deck for an hitherto unseen immersion in nature a sublime and intimate rooftop for recreation and relaxation.

    On board programmes are offered which provide guests with understanding of their destinations, from lectures and demonstrations to special themed dinners. 

    Please note: There are no health and fitness facilities available. 

    Please note: There are no children's facilities available. 

    Dress Code

    Dress is casual and relaxed onboard and ashore. While there is no obligation to change for dinner, many do after a hot day of touring. Jeans and shorts can be worn in the restaurant. Loose-fitting clothes are advisable in the heat, with a sweater or wrap for cooler evenings if you want to sit out on deck. There is a fairly low-key captain's cocktail evening and gala dinner where some women choose to wear a dress and men opt for smarter slacks. Helpful hint: Don't go overboard on packing as there are fantastic bargains in the markets -- T-shirts, colorful cotton pants, scarves and beautiful traditional silk attire -- that are great to wear in the day and evening. The ship also has a very inexpensive laundry.

    Note: In some temples, skimpy tops and shorts are not allowed and women are required to dress modestly in high-necked tops that cover the shoulders and skirts or pants that fall on or just below the knee. When this is required, the guides or cruise director will always advise in advance.

    Smoking Policy

    For the safety and comfort of all passengers, most ships do still allow smoking on board, but you will find this is restricted to designated areas around the ship.  

    Disabled Facilities

    All passengers are required to be medically, physically and/or mentally fit to undertake a trip without endangering their life or the life of others. No medical services are offered aboard the ships. Any passenger with a physical or mental incapacity, limited capacity of mobility, having an illness requiring treatment or medical care, or pregnant women should inform the travel agent at the time of booking. No reservations can be accepted for passengers whose physical or mental condition is likely to render their participation in the cruise or in the vacation impossible or dangerous for themselves or others, or who require forms of care or assistance impossible to guarantee aboard ship, notably because of unsuitable infrastructure. Some suppliers (hoteliers, airlines and cruise companies, etc) may require a medical certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to travel or they may refuse to accept the booking if they feel that they will be unable to guarantee any assistance or treatment deemed necessary for the health and well-being of the passenger. Participation in the voyage and in excursions is subject to the condition of the passenger having sufficient mobility. If necessary, the disabled may be accompanied at their own expense to obtain the required assistance. All personal accidents, diversions or forced stopover costs disrupting the course of the cruise shall be at the liability of the passenger having concealed his unfitness to travel. 

    Age Restrictions

    Reservations from minors shall not be accepted by the travel agency but must be made by the parents or other adults of more than 18 years of age with the necessary authorisations. Minors of under 18 years of age are not permitted to travel on board unaccompanied. They must be accompanied by parents or adults of more than 18 years of age. No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors on board. Proof of the customer’s age may be requested by the ship’s personnel.  


    Fares include all gratuities that are divided between onboard staff, accompanying guides and coach drivers. If they wish, passengers can give a discretionary tip to individual members of staff for exceptional service, but this is not expected. Tips are not included for local guides, drivers, boat pilots and other individuals, such as the villagers who run the ox cart rides. As it can be difficult to have the very small amounts of cash needed for these tips, Croisi has introduced a simple and sensible system where passengers are invited to give $30 per person to the cruise director at the start of the cruise. This covers all the external tips required during the week, and gratuities are distributed by the cruise director at the end of each excursion. In temples and pagodas, visitors don't tip, but leave a few coins or around $1 in a collecting box to help with the maintenance and upkeep of the building. 

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