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Iona Winter 2022/23

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Iona will continue to deliver her winter Ex-Uk deployment, including Canary Islands, Atlantic Coast and Northern European City Escape cruises. Headline overnight calls are maintained year on year, including two full days in Lisbon, Barcelona and Rotterdam on selected cruises across the three different destinations.

Departure DateShipNightsItineraryFrom Price
24th September 2022Iona14Atlantic Coast & Iberia£1,249pp
8th October 2022Iona14Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£1,249pp
22nd October 2022Iona7Northern Cruise Break£599pp
29th October 2022Iona14Atlantic Coast & Iberia£929pp
12th November 2022Iona14Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£899pp
26th November 2022Iona14Atlantic Coast & Iberia£849pp
10th December 2022Iona7Northern Cruise Break£499pp
17th December 2022Iona16Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£1,899pp
2nd January 2023Iona12Atlantic Coast & Iberia£699pp
14th January 2023Iona14Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£929pp
28th January 2023Iona14Atlantic Coast & Iberia£929pp
11th February 2023Iona7Northern Cruise Break£579pp
18th February 2023Iona14Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£1,229pp
4th March 2023Iona14Atlantic Coast & Iberia£1,129pp
18th March 2023Iona14Spain, Portugal & Canary Islands£1,279pp
1st April 2023Iona7Northern Cruise Break£729pp

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