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Did You Know Brochure Prices Aren’t Gospel?

Did you know that brochure prices aren’t gospel? Here’s why…

Brochures take approximately 2 weeks to create, send off, be designed, be sent back, be amended, be sent back, printed, sent out and land on your carpet in the hallway. Yes, that long.

When creating these brochures, we search through itineraries, ships, dates, prices, inclusions and more. As the brochure is created, we choose the best deals at that time to include. We may be sending out a Vision Cruise special, or maybe a P&O specific brochure – it’s different all the time.

What we try and stress here is that these prices can change at any moment, and that isn’t due to the us as your cruise travel agent. If we knew they’d stay the the same, it would make us happy agents! But the cruise industry is quickly changing and we cannot hold prices.

This means when you phone up one of our reservations team, they may give you a price completely different to what you’re reading in your brochure. This however doesn’t mean we’ve changed the price, it means the cruise line has. We pass this information on to you. At the time of creating the brochure you have to hand, you could book that cruise at the price stated. But within time of ink hitting paper, and following the long journey, it could have gone up or it could have fallen.

That’s the cruise industry. It’s a personal decision on whether you wait and see if the price drops, or if you settle and get the best bargain at the time.

Brochures are a great way to connect with customers. A lot of our cruisers love the traditional ways to get in touch. As for prices, we can only do so much until the pesky price changes. So, did you know that brochure prices aren’t gospel?