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Ultimate Cruising Passport Guide

passport guide

A passport is one of the most important things you will need to enter another country. There are other things you will need alongside your passport – but without it, you’re going nowhere. To make sure you don’t get stuck onboard or on shore, here’s our ultimate cruising passport guide so you’ll know when you will and won’t need it.

Proof of age

If you’re between age 18 and 21, it’s a good idea to take your passport to the bar or casino. This will allow you to prove you are of legal age if asked. You can also take other forms of ID but your passport is the best form of ID you can have.

Shore excursions

Taking your passport with with you on all excursions is a good idea as it is uncertain whether you will need to show it or not. You could possibly talk to someone onboard and ask if they would know about showing your passport on shore excursions. Alternatively, you could call us and we can find out from your shore excursion provider.

Find out here what else you could need when going ashore.

Emergency evacuations

Passports are essential if you injure yourself onboard, as they allow you to go home. Your passport can also be used as proof when filing for compensation if you’ve suffered an injury.


It may be the most obvious one, but just in case – If you’re going on a fly cruise, you’ll need to show your passport at the gate in order to board your plane to and from your destination.

Embarkation and Disembarkation

Your passport will also need to be shown when you embark and disembark the ship to prove you can leave and enter the country.


In certain countries, eg. Russia, passports will be needed at all times. You will always need to pass through immigration when entering another country therefore you will need your passport at all times.

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