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What Is The Role Of The Coast Guard?

Onboard a cruise ship, safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The same applies on land when on a shore excursion. The responsibility of the safety of staff, passengers and the ship itself usually lies with the coast guard.

Most tourist destinations have coast guards to oversee what happens in their area. Their role is to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible. In most countries, they tend to help with rescue efforts after accidents, and ensure all ships and boats are being steered safely. However coast guards in certain areas have more specific jobs.

U.S Coast Guard

The U.S Coast Guard is in charge with inspecting every ship sailing into U.S waters. This is to ensure the ship and all the relevant equipment are safe and fit for purpose. The coast guard determines whether or not ships are allowed to set sail.

International Maritime Organisation

The IMO are an body which includes to U.S Coast Guard and similar organisations representing other countries. They maintain the standards in worldwide cruise ship security as well as provision in the event of serious accidents. They also issue certificates to ships confirming their right and safety to sail.

H.M. Coastguard

This is the UK’s coastguard and is purely responsible for safety at sea. They are there to help in the event of medical emergencies, evacuating missing and injured passengers and groundings and collisions.

European Coastguards

Most countries coastguards are tasked with maintaining the safety of all travelers. This includes ensuring ships remain steady and safe in rough sailing conditions. Certain coast guards, for example those in Italy, have military responsibilities whilst others are civilian coast guards.