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Banned Items On Cruise Ships

banned items

Here at Vision Cruise, we like to let all of our customers know what they can and cannot take onboard so you don’t run into any problems along the way. Here is a quick guide to some common items that you won’t be allowed to bring onboard with you.


This is generally not allowed to be brought onboard to discourage underage drinking. However alcohol will be available to buy in the onboard bars, restaurants and duty-free shops.

Certain cruise lines will allow you to bring a bottle or two of wine onboard but you can check here to see if your cruise line will allow this.


As they can cause damage if in the wrong hands, no firearms are allowed onboard cruise ships.

Sports gear

Certain sports gear like baseball bats, cricket bats, hockey sticks, bows and arrows are all prohibited. Bicycles, skateboards and surfboards are also not allowed however may be available for hire in port.

Paint and bleach

As both of these items contain dangerous chemicals, they are not allowed onboard. Paint can be made available for those participating in onboard art classes.


Knives can be extremely dangerous if used inappropriately, therefore they are banned onboard. All cutlery you need for meals will be available in the restaurants.

Martial arts gear

Nun-chucks, knives and similar weapons are prohibited onboard.


We know you might want to celebrate your last night onboard, but you should leave this kind of stuff to the cruise line. Taking fireworks onboard can cause a huge amount of damage if lit close to a large crowd.

Coffee makers

There is no need to bring coffee makers onboard, as all drinks will be available. Coffee machines can overheat if left on for a while which can cause damage in cabins.


Onboard launderette or ironing facilities will be available so there is no need for you to bring your own iron. Irons can become dangerous if left on for a long period of time therefore they are prohibited onboard.

Illegal drugs

All illegal drugs are banned and will be confiscated if found.

Hot plates

Cooking in your cabin can be dangerous, therefore hot plates are prohibited. You’re on holiday so you shouldn’t be worrying about cooking for the family – head down to one of the onboard restaurants for all of your meals.

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