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Here at Vision Cruise, we want everyone to enjoy their holiday as much as possible – that’s why we ensure all of the cruise lines we work with employ policies to put the safety of passengers first. This means you’re totally covered when onboard, and all cruise staff will work with passenger safety in mind. Although we can’t provide every passenger with a personal bodyguard (how cool would that be though?!) we can give you some tips on how to stay safe ashore.

Keep your money out of sight

Pick-pockets tend to be the most likely form of crime when abroad – particularly common in tourist destinations. They often work in pairs or groups as some aim to distract whilst others pinch your purse or wallet.

We suggest keeping your valuables out of sight when visiting a port, keeping everything in a securely fastened bag – using a cross body bag is ideal as anyone trying to remove it would have great difficulty.

Don’t take more than you need

Because port visits don’t tend to last longer than a day, you won’t need to take much money with you when you step on to the shore. We advise to not carry round a large amount of cash and to take what you think is enough for the day and leave the rest safely on the ship.

If you’re taking important documents with you, try to spread them out across your party rather than keeping them in one bag.

Travel in numbers

Whether you’re travelling in a group of 10 or a group of 2, it is always suggested that you explore ports as a group to minimise risk.

Book with a reputable excursion company

One of the perks of booking an excursion through your agent or through the cruise line is that all of the background checks have already taken place and we know that these companies have a good reputation.

We want everyone to enjoy their holiday as much as possible so if you haven’t booked through the cruise line, watch out for dodgy tour guides or rogue taxis who are out to con tourists.

Inform your bank and credit card companies

It is a particularly good idea to inform your bank or credit card companies when you’re going on holiday – particularly when cruising. Giving them the cruise itinerary will allow them to monitor your cards at each destination – if something shows up that isn’t on the itinerary, they are able to take action as soon as possible.

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