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Chapels Onboard Ships And Religious Sites On Shore Excursions

Chapels onboard

For those who want to travel to find inner peace – chapels onboard or religious sites in port may be your favourite places. Many major cruise lines have become aware of guests needs when it comes to religion – chapels catering most religions are available onboard and religious site visits in port are very common.

When visiting a chapel onboard you may be worried about what you have to bring, so here’s a quick list of some items you may need:

  • Any religious wear that makes you comfortable when praying eg. rosary beads
  • Clothes for service eg. collared shirts, trousers, ties and a suit jacket
  • Suit for weddings or religious holidays

When visiting religious religious sites in port, it may be required for you to dress more conservatively than you usually would when on holiday. The list below shows ideas of clothes you may want to bring onboard if you’re planning on visiting any religious sites.

  • Suit or long dress
  • Blouse
  • Shirt and Tie
  • Trousers

Dressing for the occasion will most likely earn respect of other religious people onboard – as you will be honoring their culture and religious beliefs.

Many religious site excursions can be booked through us or onboard your ship. Most won’t have a dress code, so you can take a look around in your usual holiday gear – however if you’re visiting Vatican City, you’ll have to dress for the occassion!