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Are There Children’s Menus Onboard?

Cruise lines tend to cater to everyone. However when it comes to food, this tends to become slightly more important – we all know kids can be fussy at times. We’ve created a short guide to the children’s menus onboard on some major cruise lines so your little one enjoys their meals as much as you do.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offer a children’s menu available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Baby food is also available through the Babies2Go programme onboard.


P&O do offer a children’s menu however it can be limited – Main menus are available for alteration for any children wishing to choose a smaller portion of an adults dish.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises tend to cater for kids in many ways – although they don’t mention a kid’s menu, they do offer smaller portions of dishes on the main menu.

Norwegian Cruise Line

NCL have a variety of kid’s menus onboard, depending on what ship and restaurant you are dining in – this allows children to have their favourite whilst parents get to try something new. Baby food is also available onboard.


All Carnival ships have kid’s menus specific to the variety of restaurants onboard. Meal options include favourites such as spaghetti and meatballs, and hotdogs.

Fred Olsen 

Although there are a limited number of dishes available, Fred Olsen do offer a children’s menu for its younger passengers. This is because Fred Olsen tend to have a lot of adult passengers and not many kids hop onboard their ships.


MSC offer a range of dishes and cuisines from around the world, suitable for all ages. However they do not offer a menu specifically for children.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises do offer a kid’s menu for their younger passengers, and separate menus are also available for their youth and teen programmes.

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