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Can I Take Food Onboard A Cruise Ship?

take food onboard

Here at Vision Cruise we know that sometimes when you’re abroad there are certain snacks from home that you’re used to eating. However most cruise lines don’t allow you to take food onboard, because of the wide selection of dining options as well as shops onboard. we think that you’ll be able to manage without those little snacks and find some new favourites! Take a look below at the food guidelines for a few of the most popular cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean

Guests are permitted to bring dry, non-perishable food such as crisps and biscuits on-board a Royal Caribbean cruise. Baby food is also allowed. In most cabins there are fridges and minibars to store food and drink, although food that doesn’t fit the regulations will be confiscated.


P&O don’t encourage passengers to bring food on-board their ships. However, there can be certain circumstances in which a specific item is needed. In this case, perishables are not permitted and all food items may be strictly for personal consumption.


MSC only allow food and drink onto their ships for medical reasons. Any other items will be confiscated upon embarkation and returned at the end of the cruise if the product is non-perishable.