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Buffet Protocol Onboard Your Cruise Ship

buffet protocol

Whether you have opted to dine in a speciality restaurant or one of the ships main restaurants, the buffet is always there if you want a more casual dinner or if the family want’s 4 different types of cuisines. Below we answer some frequently asked questions about buffet protocol.

What time is dinner?

If you’re dining in the main restaurants, there are generally two sittings – one at around 6:30pm and one at around 8:30pm. However if you opt to dine in the buffet they have really flexible dining times, with some ships offering dining options 24 hours a day.

What is considered bad manners?

Cruise lines tend to be pretty relaxed when it comes to buffet dining, because lets be honest, it’s nothing fancy. Although the food may be delicious you don’t have to dress for the occasion – however there are a few things to keep in mind that will make everyone’s dining experience enjoyable.

It is pretty much guaranteed a new batch of whatever dish has ran out will be replaced within a few minutes, so you’re never going to miss out on your favourite treat. Try not to blame other passengers for taking the last of something because a fresh new batch is on its way.

At the buffet there are no waiters serving food at your tables, the general staff tend to be cleaning the plates from your couple of trips up to the buffet. Keep this in mind when dining in the buffet, and although all staff are there to help, try not to hinder them from keeping the dining area clean.

Will the Captain be joining us for dinner?

Although it would be lovely to tuck into some grub with the Captain, unfortunately there just isn’t time for him to dine with every passenger. You can read more about dining and meeting the captain on various ships here.