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Britannia Winter 2022/23

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Britannia returns to the Caribbean for winter 2022/23, alongside Arvia, continuing to deliver mainstream winter fly cruise holidays from Barbados. Her routing remains the same year on year, heading south to the ABC islands, complementing Arvia, however Britannia will no longer have the mid itinerary turnaround and therefore will offer exclusively 14 night sailings roundtrip from Barbados.

Departure DateShipNightsItineraryFrom Price
21st October 2022Britannia14Caribbean Transatlantic£1,299pp
21st October 2022Britannia15Caribbean Transatlantic£1,399pp
4th November 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,849pp
5th November 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,849pp
18th November 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,799pp
19th November 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,799pp
2nd December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,749pp
3rd December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,749pp
16th December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,449pp
17th December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,449pp
30th December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,899pp
31st December 2022Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,899pp
13th January 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,999pp
14th January 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£1,999pp
27th January 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,049pp
28th January 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,049pp
10th February 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
11th February 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
24th February 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
25th February 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
10th March 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
11th March 2023Britannia14Caribbean Eastern£2,099pp
24th March 2023Britannia14Caribbean Transatlantic£1,299pp
25th March 2023Britannia13Caribbean Transatlantic£1,199pp

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